Politics of Inviting Co-Articulations of Issues in Designerly Public Engagement

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Kristina Lindström
Åsa Ståhl


The article engages with the politics of inviting by proposing a shift in what we invite to, and when. Rather than inviting stakeholders to participate in design projects before use, the article argues for the value of inviting participants to take part in co-articulations of issues that arise in the course of the ongoing living with technologies. Based on two public engagement projects, it is shown how co-articulations emerge through a combination of invitations and responses by the participants. When the issue emerges more inventively is usually when the assumptions enacted through the invitations do not fit well with how participants live with technologies.

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Lindström, K., & Ståhl, Åsa. (2018). Politics of Inviting: Co-Articulations of Issues in Designerly Public Engagement. Diseña, (11), 110–121. https://doi.org/10.7764/disena.11.110-121
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