Im·media·cy, Multimedia Multitasking and the Intra-active Experience

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Paulina Sierra Salazar


The fast-paced evolution of technology has prevented us from noticing how interdependency of media permeates the multimodal environment that we feed, and which, at the same time, informs and ultimately shapes us. This paper explores how different online entertainment platforms, news media, and app developers are trying to create new ways to showcase multiple mediums for the ‘real-time’ crowd, tools to foster multitasking experiences, and finally robust applets that will ultimately feed and shape their environment’s intra-actions (Barad, 2007). The media examples provided were based on the premise of showcasing, first, split narratives and interactive elements integrated into single platforms sometimes running at the same time (some of them in real-time); secondly, effective autopoietic systems parallel to each other to optimize time; and third, a sympoietic, evolutionary informatic, and human customized ecosystem that will depend on each other in order to evaluate the potential of how every aesthetic interaction can be regarded as a 'service'.

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Sierra Salazar, P. (2019). Im·media·cy, Multimedia Multitasking and the Intra-active Experience. Diseña, (15), 94–119.
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Paulina Sierra Salazar, Universidad Iberoamericana

Graphic Designer, Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City). Master in Digital Media + Art, Rhode Island School of Design. Assistant Professor at the Design Department at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. Her research interests include Human-Computer Interaction, Aesthetics of Interaction, Strategic Design, Design Research, Service Design, and Digital Media Art. Her most recent article is ‘Future Carriers of Our Past' (in Digital Meets Handmade Jewelry in the 21st Century, Fashion Institute of Technology, in Press).