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As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  • Through this document, I declare that:

    The manuscript submitted to Design is original and unpublished, was written by the authors indicated and has not been published in another medium.
    The article is not in the process of revision in another journal, nor will it be submitted to review in another journal unless it is rejected by Design.
    The signing authors have contributed to the conception, realization and development of the research, as well as to the obtaining of the data and the interpretation of the results. They have also contributed to the drafting and revision of the manuscript. All signing authors approved the final version and agree to its publication. No author has been omitted.
    All the data, ideas and arguments of other authors are duly identified and cited. The original data are clearly distinguished from those already published.
    Neither the article nor the images violate property rights.
  • The consent of those who have contributed unpublished data obtained through verbal or written communication has been obtained, and such communication and authorship is adequately identified.
    The persons subject of the investigation have declared, through formal documents, their consent to participate in the investigation. They have also stated that they have no qualms about the publication of the research data.
    The identity of the persons subject of investigation has been duly safeguarded.
    The people who appear in the images have expressed that they have no qualms of any kind in which these images are published.
    I declare that this information is true and that I assume responsibility in case of violation of the compromised safeguards in terms of identity, confidentiality or others that have been agreed with the people who participated in the investigation.
  • The research has not been subject to "Salami Slicing" (it is the practice of writing an article with the theoretical framework of an investigation, another with the methodology of the same, another with the cases, etc.).

    The investigation does not incur in fraud (manufacture, manipulation or copying of data, plagiarism of texts and redundant or duplicated publication, omission of references to consulted sources, use of contents without permission or without justification, etc.).

    By submitting the manuscript, I hereby grant to Diseña, without limit of temporality, the exclusive license to publish and distribute it in any language through any type of support, whether now known or later developed.

    I grant the corresponding authorization for the work to be disseminated between the national and international academic and scientific community, with due respect for the author's moral rights, which include maintaining the integrity of the text and its identifiers, safeguarding it from mutilations or different modifications to those necessary for publication.

    I grant the corresponding authorization so that the manuscript is edited according to the style of the journal.

    I agree to request permission to publish translations or summaries of the article.

    Note: If the work is rejected, Diseña will formally return the license to the corresponding authors.


Diseña solo recibe aportaciones a través de esta plataforma.

Las presentaciones, traducciones y el procesamiento de artículos, figuras e imágenes son gratuitos.

Los autores interesados ​​en enviar artículos en línea o verificar el estado de sus envíos deben estar registrados y / o identificados para iniciar sesión .

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Diseña publica obras originales e inéditas. Los escritos e imágenes son responsabilidad exclusiva del autor firmante.

Las secciones son:

Incluye artículos que hablan de investigaciones no publicadas relacionadas con el tema de cada edición.
Número máximo de palabras: 4,000.

Descargue las  pautas de publicación para artículos de investigación originales .

Incluye contribuciones que dan cuenta del estado del arte del tema de cada edición o aspectos relacionados con ese tema. Los autores deben incluir un análisis de la literatura.
Número máximo de palabras: 4,000.

Realizado por el editor invitado a académicos, profesionales o investigadores.
Máximo de palabras: 3,500.

Consiste en una revisión crítica de proyectos destacados. Aquellos proyectos que surgen de algún enfoque metodológico novedoso son especialmente bienvenidos.
Máximo palabras: 2.500 palabras.

Descarga las   pautas de publicación para proyectos .

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